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The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

MFM Appointment February 7, 2008

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Today, Ross and I went to see Dr. Groom, the high risk doc; all the babies were doing great.  They were all measuring in the 99th percentile and all heart rates were in the 160’s.  Of course, he cautioned us that it is still early and you can never predict what will happen with these pregnancies.  He and his staff were filled with lots of info and I think helped put me at ease.  Right now, I sort of panic before every doctor’s visit just waiting for the other shoe to drop; thank goodness it wasn’t today! 

The only downside was that I am behind in my weight gain; I sorta suspected that but it was confirmed.  In Dr. Groom’s words, “It’s time to start chunking it down!”  So if anybody has any really yummy, high-fat recipes, please pass them my way 🙂 It’s the first time in a while that I will be able to eat seemingly guilt-free; every girls’ wildest dream.

Here are some pics from today; they were all quite cooperative for the exam except for Baby B.  And with me and Ross as parents, I have no idea where that streak of stubborness could have come from…

 Baby ABaby ABaby B - aka “Stubborn”Baby B – aka “Stubborn”

baby-c.jpg Baby C – see the tiny foot?

 thumb-sucker.jpgThe one after my own heart, a thumb sucker!!

So thanks for all the prayers and well wishes; just keep at it 🙂 As many of ya’ll know, this is a very stressful time for me and Ross with his plans for match and residency; you throw all this in on top and it makes for some crazy times.  So send us all the peaceful, calming vibes you can spare; we definitely appreciate them.


6 Responses to “MFM Appointment”

  1. Mammaw Parker Says:

    Go Girl Go!!!!
    I am glad you got these on the computer. I am anxious to see them at home. Love you bunches. Mammaw

  2. Mom Says:

    The pictures are amazing! It’s so fascinating, why do I feel like you can see some personality with each one? All of my coworkers were in awe and are keeping all of you (and me) in their prayers.

    Love you, MOM

  3. Bill Dean Says:

    Hi Renita & Ross,
    Congratulations! Sounds and looks like you are well on your way to having your family all in one shot. We’re wishing you all the best, don’t worry, everything will come out just fine.
    Love from Arizona, Bill & Dee

  4. Mike and Mary Says:

    Hi Ross and Renita!
    OMG!!! WE had NO IDEA you were pregnant, much less with triplets!!! How awesome! I will add you to my prayer list. Hang in there, girl, you are in for a wild ride. Just think, it only took you one pregnancy to catch up to Heather! HA!

    Mike, Mary, Noelle, and Hope

  5. Carla Brown Says:

    So happy that ya’ll are doing this to keep everyone updated! We’re sending many prayers ya’ll’s way as match day is rapidly approaching.
    My favorite pregnancy treat would have to be grilled cheese and pickle sandwiches made with REAL butter, 2-3 slices of cheddar cheese, and sandwich stacker dill pickles. It may sound gross, but try it…it was my favorite breakfast treat!

  6. La Don Prather Says:

    Ross and Renita,

    Congratulations on the wonderful news. Ross, I am your cousin..just in case you can’t put a face with the name…I will keep you all in my prayers as this time passes, hopefully without any complications. What a wonderful blessing the Lord has given you…

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