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Baby Bump – week 12 February 14, 2008

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Well, a few people have so kindly asked to see my impressive baby bump so I guess I’m giving in.  Please keep in mind that there are three of them in there 🙂 They are currently laying in an inverted triangle position with one on the bottom and two side by side around my belly button.  While many of my co-workers and friends say it doesn’t look very big yet, to me it looks like a mountain.  Those of you that know me well know my belly doesn’t ever look like that, even after chowing down at the buffet! 

On the weight gain front, unfortunately there is nothing to report 😦 I’m still having a hard time eating enough and finding foods that really appeal to me.  Hopefully I won’t get in to much trouble when I go back to the doctor’s office…

So Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone and enjoy the pics!  Lots of Love, Renita

week-12-002.jpg  week-12-001.jpg


4 Responses to “Baby Bump – week 12”

  1. Mom Says:

    Very impressive! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! Much love to all!!

  2. Aunt Daphne Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day. You are looking great in your picture. It is so exciting and we can’t wait to add your babies to our large and growing family.

  3. Carla Brown Says:

    Wow! That IS impressive! Just tell Ross to befriend a plastic surgeon so that when this is all over with, he/she can put everything back in its proper place!

  4. jordan temple Says:

    hey this is jordan mrs betty temples my great grand mother wow she just showed me this i bet youre really excited im so excited for you.i bet that all of your babys will be beautiful.but yea i wish yall both the best of luck with this journey and road that youre about to take. i wish you and your family the best of luck with everything.

    ❤ jordan leigh temple

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