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The Drama Queen and Her 3 Little Princes April 6, 2008

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Today boys and girls, for story time, we’re going to read about how three little princes acted up and made their momma spend her first night in labor and delivery.  As with many things, it’s a bumpy road but has a happy ending!

On Wednesday I went for my regular check up with Dr. Groome and all seemed fine; he was a little concerned about my cervical length shortening but nothing major.  All the boys looked great on the ultrasound and we made our next appointment for the following week.  About 3:30 that afternoon while at work I started to have what I though were some mild contractions; by the time I got home at 5:15 I was starting to get very uncomfortable but still wasn’t sure of what was going on.  Things got progressively worse with me breaking down in tears and Ross taking me to L&D Triage around 7:30.  And as an aside, let me just say that the last place you want to be when you are miserable is in the waiting room at LSU’s L&D department…

We waited for a while to be seen but once we got back in triage things moved pretty quickly.  They got me hooked up to the tocometer which showed that indeed I was having a good number of contractions and at times they were very rythmic.  I got a shot to stop the contractions and they started an IV; the doc said they would give the medicine 15 minutes to work and if I was still contracting we were on to medicine number 2.  Well, like the stubborn little buggers they are, they didn’t stop and we moved on to an injection of Brethine.  That calmed things down pretty quickly although as my sister and Ross would attest, made me a little goofy.  Dr. Groome decided he wasn’t comfortable sending me home so we were stuck for the night.

Around 1:00 AM they moved me from triage to a regular room and I tried to get some rest.  Things were fairly uneventful after that; I got a potassium drip to correct my levels and ended up getting a bolus of fluids because I was having some blood pressure issues.  We also discoverd a UTI which is a major cause of pre-term labor.  The contractions started back up a little on Thrusday morning but never got regular and eventually went away on their own with no more medication.  So my doctors made a decision that as long as my cervical length was good, I was free to go home.  After one final ultrasound, I was a free woman. 

So while this was definitely NOT how I planned to spend the end of my week, it all worked out in the end.  I can’t say enough nice things about the doctors and staff at LSU who treated me and my precious babies; everyone was very accomodating and helpful.  But as I told my nurse, Jennifer, when I was leaving, “I like you and all but I really hope I don’t see you again for a few more months!”  So for now, I am just in the take it easy category.  We will see what Dr. Groome has to say about my unexpected adventure when I go see him this week.  I guess things couldn’t stay uneventful with this pregnancy for long.  But we are just so thankful that things are back on track; the boys were never in distress or had any problems during this episode.  As always, thanks so much for the prayers and well wishes; it’s so comforting to know how many people care.


3 Responses to “The Drama Queen and Her 3 Little Princes”

  1. Mary Parker Says:

    One thing about all the worrying we did, you and the three little guys are defiinitely worth it all. Sure glad all is well. I haven’t called because I knew you were resting. Will try to talk to you soon. Just call me on my cell. Love you so much. Mammaw

  2. Mary Utley Says:

    That is ironic. My maiden name is parker…..Take care and rest. I know, you have heard it all….But my boys gave me trouble even before they were out in the world. So don’t worry. Everything will be IRIE……Rest/and we will be thinking of you often. Love and Miss you

  3. Betty Temple Says:

    I had been checking every day for news and was glad to finally hear. Mammaw Mary had told me last night about the hospital visit and I was happy to hear everything is really ok. The boys are just letting you know ahead of time how much attention they are going to need. You just have to show them who is boss now and then,also. Ha! Remember that you have everyone’s love and prayers.

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