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The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

Early Release for Good Behavior April 29, 2008

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Although, I must admit I never thought I would use the terms good behavior and my cervical length in the same sentence; just goes to show you not everything you need to know about writing can be taught in AP English (sorry Mrs. Clausen).  As the title suggests, I am currently out of the hospital (YEAH!) for what is most likely a temporary reprieve.  Dr. Groome was satisfied that I was not contracting and that me and the babies were stable so he allowed me to go home.  Of course, Ross and I both had to promise that I would be able to follow his orders for bed rest at home; and although it is tempting to do things around the house, for the most part I am just being a lady of leisure.  I’ll go back to the doctor on Thursday for another check-up and to see where things stand.  So for now, we are just in a holding pattern and hoping that my cervical length will not go any shorter and that I will be able to remain at home for at least a few more weeks.

I also need to pass along some thank yous: to my family in Temple, TX (Wendy, Steve, Jake, Carla, and Little McKenzie) thank you so much for the beautiful flowers in my hospital room.  They came right at the time that I was having a breakdown from bad food and to much awful daytime television.  To my bestest friend ever, Christina, for all the great maternity clothes; I think both me and my co-workers were tired of my limited selection.  And to Ann Bradford, a co-worker from LSU, who had three beautiful baby blankets made for the boys so we could always follow her rule of no babies on the floor without a blanket.  I’m sure they will be treasured by both me and the tots when they get here.

Hope everyone is having a great week; as always, we appreciate everyone’s love and support through this crazy and sometimes overwhelming time.



4 Responses to “Early Release for Good Behavior”

  1. Wendy & Billy Carter Says:

    Good Morning, Renita, Ross & Baby Tots,

    Halleluiah! I’ve been reading your notes and comments posted to those notes. I would love to send you books if you need them. I would also love to come read some of those books to you if you’re ever sent back to the hospital again. Billy tells me its only a 5 hour drive from here. Still, I’m full of hope for you and the boys that all will be well and longer! Stay in bed. No stress!

    I’d love your #(s) to keep up with you. Ours are: (504) 837-4820 hm, 723-7023 Wendy’s cell, 733-3100 Wendy’s work.

    Take care and we wish you much love, rest and health,

    Wendy and Billy Carter

  2. Mary Says:

    Ross sent me a very nice e-mail letting me know all of you were home. How wonderful. All of us are praying for all each and every day…Take care,

    Everthing will be IRIE.


  3. Carla Brown Says:

    Happy to hear that ya’ll are home. We’re thinking of ya’ll non-stop.

  4. Ginger Says:

    So glad you’re getting to go home. Hang in there. I am so very proud of the way you’re handling everything. Your inner strength and beauty are amazing to behold. (I wouldn’t expect any less from you!) I’m here if ya need anything at all. You and the three peas are definitely on my prayer list.


    Mrs. Ginger

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