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Parole Violation…Repeat Offender May 3, 2008

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Well I’m back in the hospital and this time it appears to be a one-way ticket until after the birth of the tots.  And as much as I may hate being confined to the bed and the sucky food, I do truly hope it is a LOOONNNNGG time before they make their appearance.  When we went to the doctor on Thursday we could see the issue right away on the ultrasound and knew I would be moving back to LSU; Renee from Dr. Groome’s office called and got me set up and Ross helped me check in on Thursday afternoon.  For those familiar with LSU, I am in the Pink Room on the 4th floor; it’s a nice comfy private room and they are taking great care of me.  So it looks like this will be it for the forseeable future. 

Right now, we are just extremely hopeful that my body and my cervix will hold out and continue to allow these boys to develop.  As of Thursday they all weigh 1 lb. 4 oz which is great, but of course we would like them to be much bigger before joining us.  So our only true need at the moment is just for time to pass and the boys to continue to grow and develop on schedule.  Thanks again for all the thoughts, well wishes, and prayers; we all definitely appreciate them.



11 Responses to “Parole Violation…Repeat Offender”

  1. Mammaw Parker Says:

    Not your favorite place to have to be but I know you can handle it. Looking forward to seeing you Monday. Love you, Mammaw and Pappaw

  2. Christina Nguyen Says:

    Hey chick,
    I know you are probably already past the stage of boredom at that hospital, but hang in there. I wanted to let you know that I emailed Erin to update her on your admission to the hospital, and mom put you on our prayer list at church. Hopefully all those prayers will help those little guys stay tucked away for at least another month and a half. We love you, and will continue to check on you.


  3. Erin Says:

    Hey Renita,
    I check your web site often and Christina was so nice to update me also. I hate to hear this, but I know you are strong and willing to do whatever it takes! We will definately keep you in our prayers. Stay strong!
    Love, Erin

  4. rachel towns king Says:

    my mom has been updating me throughout your pregnancy, but just emailed me your super cute webpage. i am only carrying one baby boy til august and am tired and ready already!! i can’t imagine all of the “wonderful” things you are having to go through!!! you are definately in my prayers!! hope things stay as they are so your babies can grow a little more.
    love ya,

  5. Mary Says:

    You are always in our prayers. I look at this website every day to check on you…..My granddaughter was born at 26 weeks, and she weighed 1lb 13 ounce. And today, she is almost 6 years old, plays hockey, and is the smartest one in her class….Prayer works wonders

    Always on our minds.


  6. Jim McCullaugh Says:

    Ross and Renita,
    Abby and I send our thoughts and wishes that everything works out! We love you guys and hope that you know our prayers are with you and the little ones! Much love from Indiana.

    Jim and Abby

  7. Hi! I swear I’m not stalking you guys! I was on my friend Shelley & Jeff Parker’s blog, and they had up links to both our blogs. For some reason God keeps putting you guys in my path – I’ll take that as a hint to say lots of prayers for you. Hope all is going well in the pink room. I remember it well. (Well, not that well. I was a little drugged when I was there!) Will be praying for no change in cervix length/dilation until the time is right. OK, I have to go tend to my screaming son. Just wait – you’ll be there soon!

  8. Betty Temple Says:

    The very first time I miss a couple of days looking at your progress site, you pull a fast one and end up back in the hospital. Thank God, it was not a serious emergency trip. Things seem to be doing well as can be expected and you are in the best, if not your favorite, place to be. Keep the faith and God will help you get thru these trying days. Just keep thinking of the end result and how wonderful it will be. Uncle Gene sends his love and prayers same as I do. Love, Aunt Betty

  9. Denise Taylor Says:

    Thinking of you and yours. Store up the rest. You know you will be needing the energy later.
    Sending love and care.

  10. Dylan, Hannah, and Grace Says:

    Hey aunt nene, we can’t wait to see you on Saturday. We have made you a very special present for your lovely room!! We continue to pray for the boys every night and have lots of others doing it also. Our mama sends lots of love to. See you soon!!!!!

  11. Ashley West Says:

    I know I haven’t called yet but I have been following you on your site (great site might I add) and you and those handsome boys have been in my prayers everyday. Everything is going to be just fine- you are going to be chasing around 3 healthy, beautiful babies before you know it. All my love, Ashley

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