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When it rains it pours… May 16, 2008

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Or the alternate title, “How you know Renita is really drugged on mag sulfate.”  As Ross mentioned in the last post, we had a rough couple of days.  On Monday, the contractions got out of hand and eventually were coming every 2-3 minutes; the doctors pulled out what I call the kitchen sink protocol and before Tuesday morning was here I had 3 different medications through my IV, one via a shot in the butt, and another kind by pill.  This lovely cocktail of meds eventually succeeded in stopping the contractions around Tuesday afternoon.  The unfortunate side effects of the mag sulfate left me extremely out of it and unable to even eat. 

So when Ross called on Wednesday morning to tell me that the lower portion of our house had over a foot of water in it from the flood, I was so confused and helpless.  All I could do was say I was sorry I couldn’t help and to call Renee, our trusty insurance agent.  So poor Ross has had to deal with all that mess by himself; 2 of our great friends, Chris and Jen Sharp, also helped out for which I am so thankful.  Luckily, most of the damage was to the actual structure and not to our stuff; but it sure made one hell of a mess.  And if anybody has any good tips for getting back on the good side of Karma, Ross and I are all ears.  This has been one of those weeks that you just want to pull the covers up and forget about.

But as far as the tots go, they are still safe in the oven for now;we are doing non-stress testing twice a day on the boys with ultrasounds about every other day.  So far, no real problems.  And the doc seems to think that as long as we can hold the contractions at bay, we will be in good shape.  And for those that have asked, no, it doesn’t look like I’m going to be allowed out of the hospital for my 2 big events: to get my braces off and to attend Ross’ med school graduation.  While it is extremely tough to think of not being there, I’m doing my best to find some perspective.  So please, keep all of us in your thoughts.  This has been a rough patch this week and we could definitely use a few rays of sunshine!  Hope things are going great for all of you and thanks for your visits, presents, food, etc.  We couldn’t be doing this without everybody’s support.


7 Responses to “When it rains it pours…”

  1. Betty Temple Says:

    Dearest Renita…
    We are so sorry to hear all the trouble you are having, but know that “this too will pass”. God is still in charge and he will bring you through all this to the gappy ending. You have our love and prayers. Aunt Betty and Uncl Gene

  2. Betty Temple Says:

    Dearest Renita…
    We are so sorry to hear all the trouble you are having, but know that “this too will pass”. God is still in charge and he will bring you through all this to the happy ending. You have our love and prayers. Aunt Betty and Uncle Gene

  3. Christina Nguyen Says:

    When it rains it pours doesn’t it? No pun intended. I am glad to hear you are still doing good, and the babies are staying tucked away for now. Hopefully Ross hasn’t pull out all of his hair after the rain. I heard it was awful. Part of Billy’s apartment got drenched too. Hope to see you next weekend.

    Love Ya,

  4. Mary Parker Says:

    You are showing the stern stuff you are made of. I know Ross is having a real fun week, too. Just think! You are missing all the work there at the house. It is a really sad thing but you have some important “stuff” to take care of. JUst taking care of the Tots is about all Renita is able to do. You and the Doc just keep that up. Love you and we should see you Monday. Love and prayers, Mammaw and Pappaw

  5. Darla Cathcart Says:

    Great job getting through the mag! So glad to hear your contractions were stopped. So sorry to hear about your home too. Sounds like you could write a book when this is all done! Continuing to keep you guys in constant prayers throughout the day. Our SS class is praying for you too. . . .Father God, thank you for blessing Renita & Ross with these 3 baby boys! Keep them safely tucked in her womb and growing strong. Bless them with a healthy birth. Grant Mom & Dad peace of mind, and strength mentally, emotionally, and physically. Keep Ross from illness and give him wisdom in balancing everything. Grant Renita good rest and blessings during her hospital stay. May they be encouraged and uplifted today. Amen.

  6. Wendy & Billy Carter Says:

    I’m glad to hear you back as yourself. It sounds like you’re doing a wonderful job despite everything being thrown at you. Tell Ross congratulations for us. Keep singing to those boys, too. One day you will be able to laugh telling us these stories in person and hopefully in Jamaica.

    As to the water, Thank GOD it was no Katrina. We’re all still recovering. Maybe you’ll get everything back in better shape than it was before. And that means the house – I know you’ll be back to you ASAP. Every day counts. Keep up the great work.

    Love, Billy & Wendy Carter

  7. Sonjie Says:

    Renita, I am so sorry about your house. I can only imagine the miltitude of feelings you are dealing with right now. But the most important thing you can do right now (with whatever power you have) is to keep those tots cookin’. The rest of the stuff will work out eventually. I’m sorry too about your braces and Ross’s graduation. But soon (hopefully not too soon) you will have such a glorious day that all of the “things” in life will pale in comparison. I think about you all the time and pray for ALL of you daily. Keep cookin’ and I hope to visit soon.
    Tke care, Sonjie

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