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The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

Keep Breathing… June 11, 2008

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Well, the boys have officially made 3 days old as of around 9:30 tonight and all are doing well.  Renita was released from the hospital a day later than expected due to a low hemoglobin level (which is common after delivery).  She was having difficulty moving around and in all honesty, was ghostly white in complexion.  Two units of Red blood Cells later and she was feeling up in spirits again.  

The boys now have names.  They came earlier than expected, so we were in quite a rush to get something on paper, but we are quite satisfied.  Names will be listed below with baby information. 


Baby A – Rowan Lavelle Patrick.  Current weight 2 lb 12 oz (up two ounces from birthweight).  Rowan is currently on Room air with CPAP (pressure support to keep the lungs from collapsing, very common for Premies).  Still taking nutrition through an IV, but today began small feedings into his stomach to start his stomach adapting for bottle feeds.  Phototherapy was started for an increasing bilirubin.


Baby B – Elliott Reese Patrick.  Current weight 2 lb 9 oz (up two ounces from birthweight).  Elliott is still intubated, however they have been weaning the supplemental O2 and he should be on Regular air in the next day or two.  Hopefully after that he can go on CPAP.  Until then, there is no plan to start him on feedings.  Elliot is also getting phototherapy.


Baby C – Darrow Finn Patrick.  Current weight 2 lb 7 oz (up two ounces from birthweight).  Finn is also on CPAP and Regular “Room” Air.  They are planning on beginning him on small feeds tomorrow.  He was on Phototherapy, but it has since been stopped.  Finn is definitely the mischievous one…the name fits.


Pictures are being updated later tonight and more updates to this page are to come.



3 Responses to “Keep Breathing…”

  1. Hi you guys! Sorry I lost touch last week; my sitter situation was a little scarce with sick grandparents, etc. Congrats on the birth of the boys! It sounds like they are doing awesome. I love the names, they are so beautiful (sorry, Ross, but they are). I’m off to check out your pics now. Your boys all weigh more than both of ours at birth. I’m so proud for you guys. Please call if you have ANY NICU questions, though I know you guys are already very educated in that area. Renita, if you’re in fact pumping, that website I told you about is CONGRATS, CONGRATS, & CONGRATS! Much love and continued prayers for a very UNeventful NICU stay. Please keep us posted on any physical or prayer needs. – Darla (& Chris)

  2. OK, I’m back again after looking at photos. They are darling! Tell the nurses the Cathcarts say hello! Your boys are in GREAT hands up there at LSU. . . Part of a verse that gave me much comfort many nights as I drove away from LSU:
    Matthew 18:10 “. . . For I tell you that these little ones’ angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.”
    I hope it is encouraging for you, too.

  3. Rendi Says:

    Hey Ross and Renita,
    CONGRATS! I am so happy that the boys are doing so well. Keep us posted and PLEASE call anytime, whether you want to grab a bite to eat, just chat, or have us bring you dinner! Call when you have a chance.


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