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Lots of changes June 14, 2008

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Well of course right after I updated the site yesterday the boys had lots of big changes.  We went to visit yesterday morning and Finn was breathing completely on his own with no tubes or wires on his face!  Me, Ross, and Heather all got to hold him and see his beautiful face all cleaned up.  Today he is still doing great and the only medicine he is on is some caffeine to help stimulate him.

Rowan got off the CPAP early this morning and is doing pretty good.  He is having a few episodes of bradycardia which is quite common in preemies and is also on the caffeine for stimulation.  He kept his eyes open for a long time this morning so we got to see him look around.  It’s so good to see their faces with no wires and tubes on it.

And Eli is still motoring along at his own pace; they have continued to step his ventilator down and he should be off either tomorrow or Monday.  We also gave consent today for him to have a central line placed; this will mean he won’t have to contine to be stuck for blood draws or have fresh IV sites.

So things just continue to improve and progress; our next big hurdle will be on Monday when all of the boys will be scanned.  This will alert us of any possible brain bleeds or other problems that may be going on.  There have also been some new pictures posted in the last few days that show off how much the boys have changed.


One Response to “Lots of changes”

  1. Ms. Debbie Says:

    Thank you so much for keeping the updates coming on the boys. I love reading your posts. The information you give is so informative and understandable. I hope you are feeling better each day. I can’t wait to see you all again.
    Love you all,
    Ms. Debbie

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