Three Peas In A Pod

The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

Quick Update June 16, 2008

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Just a quick note to say all is still going great; Eli is now off the ventilator and is doing so good on his CPAP.  They expect his to come off his CPAP either today or tomorrow ifall continues so good.  Rowan and Finn are just rocking along and their main goal at the moment is to fatten up.  Over the last few days all three of their feedings have been increased to 8 ccs every 3 hours.  As soon as we get the results from the cranial scan I’ll post another update.  Ross got to experience his first Father’s Day and even got the treat of holding Rowan for the first time last night; I also snuck in a few minutes with that sweet baby even though it wasn’t my day 🙂 So once again, just keep praying and hoping for continued great progress.  And on a completely unrelated note, work finally started on the part of our house that flooded; please hope that they work fast and we can put the house back in order and have a nursery before these boys make it home.


5 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Carla Brown Says:

    Yay for grower/feeders! I am continuously praying for ya’ll.

  2. Good job, little boys on all the wonderful progress! Glad to hear these great reports! Continued prayers –

  3. Ashley West Says:

    I can’t wait to meet the 3 boys. You are in our thought and prayers everyday. I check the website all the time to see what is going on with the babies.
    Hang in there mom- I know that you are doing great. Those precious little boys are super blessed to have you for a mom. Ash-

  4. Ashley West Says:

    We are so glad to hear that the boys are doing great! I can’t wait to meet them. Ya’ll are in our thoughts and prayers everyday-
    They are so blessed to have a super mom like you…love you- Ash

  5. Aimee Says:

    So happy for you all, congrats on the birth of your triplets!

    Roe, Joe, Mark and I are all sending you lots of well wishes for chubbing up quick!!!!

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