Three Peas In A Pod

The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

6/28/2008 June 28, 2008

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Sorry it’s been so long since an update; at times the days seem to all run together.  The boys are all still doing very well.  Elliott is doing good fighting his infection and has less than one week left on antibiotics.  He has been on and off food due to low tolerance and problems with his oxygen levels; currently he is not getting any food except through his IV.  I know he will be quite happy when he can have some milk again.

Rowan and Finn are just motoring along; they are now feeding at 23 ccs every 3 hours each.  Each of them are having a few normal preemie issues with episodes of bradycardia and they are still on their caffeine for stimulation.  Everybody has been gaining a little bit of weight but they are all still well under 3 lbs.

As for the people that have asked about me and my incision, it is getting better but the process is slower than I would like.  Hopefully it will just continue to improve and I will keep getting my strength back.  Please continue to keep all 5 of us in your thoughts and prayers.   Obviously this is an extremely stressful time for both me and Ross and we feel pulled in a lot of directions.  Also, Ross will begin his new job as an Emergency Medicine resident this next week so send some extra thoughts his way. 


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