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The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

Better Days July 17, 2008

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Sorry it has been so long since an update; our internet at home has been acting up.  But at least I have good news to report!  Elliott is now off the ventilator and back breathing on his own; he also got to start eating again yesterday afternoon.  Their is talk of discontinuing all his antibiotics today so we have our fingers crossed.  He is finally acting like he feels a little better; he is moving around again and even kept his eyes open for a few minutes last night.  I also finally got to hold him again (it had been over a week!) which made me feel much better; and of course I hope a little love from Momma made him happier too!

We also now have 2 boys in the 4 pounder club; Eli and Rowan broke over and Finn is less than 1 ounce shy.  They have really done well with their weights and tolerating their food.  They also got a special treat this week when Mamaw and Papaw Parker (my grandparent’s on my mom’s side) got to come see them for the first time.  They loved and spoiled those little boys as much as they could.  I also heard Papaw promising things like skinned knees and redbug bites over at our camp on the lake 🙂  It was really special for me to get to share my boys with them; I’ll put up some pictures of the day once I get them.

So for now, knock on wood, we are just rolling along; a huge thank you to everyone for their thoughts, prayers, phone calls, etc. over the last week with Elliott’s infection.  Sometimes this journey gets a little overwhelming and it is quite comforting to know how many people are thinking of us.


2 Responses to “Better Days”

  1. Anthony and Mary Says:

    That is so wonderful to hear. They are growing so big. Congratulations to all…Prayers/love/hugs/kisses for the family

  2. Mary Parker Says:

    We are so happy that Eli is so much better and is off the ventilator. We know that prayer works. Prayers and good doctors and nurses for sure. We were so proud to finally get to see the boys and hold Rowan and Finn. We did get to put our hands on Eli and that helped tremendously. Looking forward to seeing them again before too long. Love you all.

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