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The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

One Down, Two To Go! August 7, 2008

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As expected, Mr. Rowan made his grand debut to the rest of the world yesterday.  I went and did all the discharge paperwork yesterday morning and after Ross woke up (he is on the night shift) we went and picked him up.  It was very bittersweet to take him home and have to leave Eli and Finn there.  I just continue to hope that they aren’t to far behind. 

Ross had to work last night so it was just me and little Rowan; he was great and it was so nice to have him all to myself.  No nurses or doctors around, nobody’s rules but mine!  Of course it is hard to not be able to see the other two but Ross checks on them quite a bit when he is on nights.  So for now I am in hog heaven with having him home.  The girls (our two dogs, Missy and Polly) were quite curious when we brought him through the door but so far they have been great.  I think Polly thinks she needs to mother and take care of him; she does not leave his side and always has her eye on what he is doing 🙂  So I am finally starting to feel like a real Momma now that I have one at home; we are all anxious to have Eli and Finn home also so our family can finally be complete. 


3 Responses to “One Down, Two To Go!”

  1. Bettie Wilkes Says:


    He is so precious. And he looks so tiny in the little carrier. Looks like Polly is going to be a great little watch dog for you. I know it was hard to leave your other two boys at the hospital. I’m sure they will not be far behind. I am so glad you all are doing so great. I keep everyone posted here at the office and we all wish only the best for you and your family. Keep us posted.


  2. Toni Chapman Says:

    That is soooo wonderlful for ya’ll to have Mr. Rowan at home. I know you both are very excited, because I know I am excited for you all of you. I am sure Eli and Finn are going to do their best to get home, so Rowan doesn’t get all of that mommy and daddy attention. You are all still in my prayers.

  3. Yeh! Congrats! One down, two to go. . . I remember, too, that great feeling of “Now WE are in charge, and not the NICU staff.” (Not that we didn’t think they were great, but you know . . .) It was so great to feed my baby as much as I wanted, hold him as much as I wanted, etc. etc. Continued prayers for you guys in the transition. And enjoy this my-premie-baby-is-so-quiet time. It won’t last long:)

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