Three Peas In A Pod

The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

Two Down, One to Go… August 15, 2008

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Well, on Tuesday of this week Mr. Finn made his great escape to join big brother Rowan.  So far he has been doing great and Ross and I have been learning to multi-task 🙂 Our dog Polly thinks she now has another puppy to take care of and she is quite busy keeping up with the two of them.  Heaven help her when the other one comes home… And on that note, Mr. Eli should be released this evening.  It will be incredible to have our whole family together again; and we’ll finally get to test out our fancy triple stroller.  We can’t thank everyone enough for all the prayers and positive thoughts that have gotten us this far; we just ask that you don’t forget about us as we begin this massive transition to home life.  Much love to everyone!


One Response to “Two Down, One to Go…”

  1. Anthony and Mary Says:

    Congratulations on getting the family all home…..We knew you would, just didn’t know when. We are so happy!!!! 🙂 I can’t wait for you to keep the pictures coming and the updates……Love always, IRIE

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