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The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

Step Right Up Folks! Only A Buck! August 25, 2008

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That’s right, only one dollar and you can see the amazing, the incredible, the extraordinary…The Patrick Triplets!!!  Apparently the circus came to town early and someone conveniently forgot to mention that we were going to be the main event!  Momma and I took the boys out for their first outing to the Louisiana Boardwalk on Saturday and boy was it interesting.  We found out right away that you draw lots of attention with a triplet stroller; and that’s before they even see the precious boys inside it.  Most people were extremely friendly but there were a few weirdos…no, please don’t offer to follow me just so you can look at my boys.  I will think you’re a little creepy.  And also, I tend to be a little private with my bedroom life so questions about my fertility and “what did you do to get them” will earn you a stupid look. 

But most of all I appreciate the people who said “God Bless You Honey!”  While they meant it in a joking manner, I do indeed feel blessed from God for these boys.  It has been an incredible adventure having them all at home but it is going great.  They are sleeping really good and have been improving on their eating skills.  And just remember if you want to see them, it’s only a $1 😉 And trust me, if I had charged admission, I would be writing this post from some beach in the Caribbean instead of in Shreveport…

Lots of Love!  Renita


2 Responses to “Step Right Up Folks! Only A Buck!”

  1. Sonjie Says:

    Child, you are hilarious and amazing to still be able to post an update on this website with three babies at home. Glad you had a good outing, wish I could have witnessed it. Tel your Momma hi for me.

  2. Anthony and Mary Says:

    Now that is funny no matter who you are…….I am so glad that things are going well. Knew they would. Had a talk with the Big Guy for all of you…..Irie

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