Three Peas In A Pod

The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

P.S. August 26, 2008

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Well I was so busy making fun of the people at the boardwalk in my last post that I left out lots of other goodies…oops! We have now passed the boys official due dates so they are now at 0 weeks adjusted age.  They are doing lots of new things every day and have started to roll over when swaddled.  Finn has also gotten quite adept at grabbing things…this includes my hair at times!

I also owe a huge thank you to Nana Patrick as she and Becki watched the boys for me so mom and I could get out of the house for an hour to eat lunch.  It was nice to see the outside world again and my meal at Oyster Bar was delicious!  The tots also got the pleasure of meeting all of their first cousins in one weekend.  On Saturday Becki and Claire came for a visit and on Sunday, Heather, Scott, Dylan, Hannah, and Grace stopped by.  Needless to say the boys got lots of lovin and were oohed and aahed over.  We go back to the pediatrician on Thurs. so I’ll have updated weights, etc.


2 Responses to “P.S.”

  1. Mary Parker Says:

    I know these boys are much more advanced than 0. They are super!! I am a little prejudiced.

  2. jennifer Says:

    Oh how I miss our time spent at Oyster Bar!!!

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