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The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

The Blessings of Family September 11, 2008

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Plainly put, my family ROCKS!  I know not everyone feels the way I do, but I really love my family…I mean a deep, crazy love that includes all of our faults, problems, and shortcomings.  Because for all of that, we are one amazing group of people.  This week was my first journey out of town with all of the boys; my wonderful great Aunt Mavis passed away and we all went out of town for the funeral.  While it was a set of unfortunate circumstances that brought us all together, it was a wonderful visit that was good for my soul.  Lots of family members came in from all over the country to celebrate Aunt Mavis’ life and fulfill the Parker obligation of eating and talking entirely to much every time we get together 🙂

I felt so very blessed to have the opportunity to introduce Rowan, Eli, and Finn to their extended family; let’s just say that after all the political discussions they heard over the last 2 days, they  are extremely well informed constituents.  As always, my family was welcoming, entertaining, and downright a blast to be around.  I truly wish and hope that everyone has such a great family to surround them and lift them up.  So to my family, more thanks and blessings than I could ever say; I couldn’t have brought my boys into a greater group of people.

Oh, and on a serious note, I have a great stock tip for everybody…Energizer batteries!  My precocious Finn has fallen in love with his bouncy seat and at times it is the only thing to quiet his shrieking and screaming.  So with the amount of batteries we are willing to go through, I can’t help but think you could make some money from the stock market!


4 Responses to “The Blessings of Family”

  1. Mary Parker Says:

    It was so wonderful having you and the boys come to visit. For their first overnight visit, they were super. They are growing so much. What blessings they are. They are all so beautiful and looking more alike as they grow.

  2. Gwen & Blair Says:

    I agree, your family ROCKS! And I’m so glad to be a distant part of it. It was wonderful to see you and the boys. I have been following all along and it was incredible to see all of you.
    Can’t wait to see you again, hopefully for a different reason next time.

  3. Anthony and Mary Says:

    We are so happy to see the family together……What a beautiful and wonderful family you have. To me, Family is the most important thing in life. The love you feel in a room when you are around family is breathtaking. Enjoy the boys…..God Bless Always

  4. Anthony and Mary Says:



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