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Happy 6 month birthday tots! December 8, 2008

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Wow, it’s been 6 months since the boys were born!  Time is just flying by these days and we are all doing great.  All of the boys went for their 6 month check up and their weights are: Rowan – 11 lbs. 2 oz.; Elliott – 11 lbs. 6 oz.; and Finn – 10 lbs. 15 oz.  And Finn is exactly one inch shorter than both Rowan and Elliott.  Overall they are doing really good; of course they are still really small but I know they will catch up one day and I’ll be wondering where my little boys went.

Their personalities are all starting to come out and they are each very unique.  The new thing in the house is lots of jabbering and chatterboxing; Rowan does it the most but Finn and Elliott jump in when the mood is right.  It is so nice to finally see a response to all the crazy things I do and say to them 🙂  And they are all laughing and they love to dance.  I take them dancing around the room in my arms and Ross teaches them how to break dance on the floor; at this rate they will be a hit on the dance floor later in life.  Of course, we’re gearing up for Christmas and I’m planning on enjoying my last year of having a tree with breakable ornaments on it; I already have fears about when they all start walking!  My house is nowhere near baby-proof; heck, I’m not even sure I can babyproof this old house. 

And with the boys 6 month birthday today came a big event; for the first time since they all left the hospital, they aren’t all in the same bed.  Them all sleeping together has been one of my greatest joys since they have come home; it is the most incredible scene to walk in on them all snuggled up close.  But over the last few weeks, they have all become more active and it became apparent that Finn would like some space; or more appropriately he would like it if Elliott wouldn’t kick him in the head in the mornings 🙂  So we finally moved the second crib into the nursery and Rowan and Elliott are in one bed and Finn is in the other.  Rowan and Elliott still love to snuggle together so we will let them stay together as long as they are comfortable. 

And the only thing on the radar screen is Rowan will be having a cranial ultrasound to check out the growth of his head; he’s had 2 big growth spurts in his head circumference and our doc just wants to make sure everything is ok.  Personally, I think he was just lucky enough to be blessed with his daddy’s big noggin but we’ll see what the professionals say.  Other than that we are just rocking along and trying to get ready for Christmas; for some reason it’s taking me much longer to get stuff done this year, I don’t know why that could be…  I hope things are going great for everybody and hopefully you’ve been good all year so you can get some good presents from Santa!  If not, you can just join the rest of us in the lump of coal club!

Lots of love,



One Response to “Happy 6 month birthday tots!”

  1. Anthony and Mary Says:

    I cannot believe how big they have gotten. It is all the love from the family and friends. What a beautiful bunch of babes. We are so happy for you. Love to all. And Always in our prayers.

    Anthony and Mary

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