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The Boys First Christmas December 31, 2008

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Sorry it’s been so long since an update…things have been busy around this place!  We are finally done with all of our Christmas visits and it was great; of course the boys got way to much stuff…you people must think we live in a really big house or something!  But they are enjoying their new toys; the winner so far is a ball made by Infantino that lights up and sings when you roll it.  Ross calls it the distracto-ball because it always makes them stop crying 🙂

Ross and I also got to go watch the Louisiana Tech Dawgs play in the Independence Bowl thanks to Nana P who came in town and watched the tots for us; it was soooo nice to get out of the house and catch up with old friends.  It didn’t hurt that the Dawgs won either 😉 

On a positive note, today is Ross’ last day on his internal medicine rotation; he will officially be halfway done with his intern year (do you hear the choir singing “Hallelujah” in the background???) Up next for him is pediatrics and then he will be back in the emergency department.  This makes for a much happier daddy 🙂

Things with me are good; I’m looking to go back to work part-time in January.  Of course, I’m having  a really hard time thinking about leaving the boys so any prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated.  We’ve lined up a sitter to come watch the boys here at the house; hopefully, it will work out good for all of us.  Hope all of you had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a very Happy New Year!


One Response to “The Boys First Christmas”

  1. Mom -Gran Says:

    Happy New Years Eve! from the ‘Boat. Just saw your update and love, love the pics. Christmas was so great. Hope it’s not too long before I get to rock those boys. Love you lots.


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