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The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

Happy 8 Month Birthday Tots! February 8, 2009

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Hard to believe the boys are now 8 months old!  They are doing so good, it’s crazy; they laugh and smile all the time now.  They have all 3 shown a lot of progress in being able to play with toys and picking objects up; Rowan and Finn’s new favorite thing is the exersaucers they got for Christmas 🙂  It always puts a smile on their face and usually makes Finn start blowing raspberries at anyone who walks by; he is such a ham it’s unreal…definitely an attention hog!  Elliott has been showing some signs of wanting to crawl 😮 Just typing that puts fear in my heart!  Have I mentioned lately that nothing in my house is babyproofed and we have a few stairs in our home???  So for now, they are at a really fun stage; lots of laughs and giggles, and very little crying or fussing. 
And they also made me and Ross the happiest parents in the world this morning…they all held their own bottle for some of their meals today!  I know to some people that may not seem like a big deal, but trust me on this, IT IS!  Folks, I was actually able to read a magazine while the boys were eating their lunch; now that is a true luxury!  Now they will all be able to eat at the same time and no more fussing for the baby that had to wait for second shift feeding 🙂
The boys also had a busy week meeting lots of family and friends they have never seen before; my Papaw Lavelle passed away this past Tuesday and me, Ross, and the boys went out of town for the funeral on Thursday.  Papaw had been sick for a while and although we all knew it was coming, it still took me by surprise.  For those who don’t know, it is after this papaw and my daddy that Rowan’s middle name of Lavelle came from.   If Rowan and Finn learn half as much as the men they were named after, I know this world will be a better place 🙂 My papaw was kind and caring but in a gruff kind of way; he would do anything he could to help but he wasn’t much for showing emotion.  But he taught me many things including how to eat whole fried fish, how to get eggs without getting pecked by the hens, and how to shell peas and beans.  By many people’s standards him and my mamaw lived a very simple life, but they always had coffee on the stove and would welcome anyone into their home.  I hope I can be just as generous.
Elliott, Mamaw Marie, Rowan, Papaw Lavelle, and Finn

2 Responses to “Happy 8 Month Birthday Tots!”

  1. Anthony and Mary Says:

    They are so beautiful. I love seeing their smiles. Congrats on getting them to hold a bottle and you have a little read time while they ate….Once they get their sea legs, then you better watch out. Boys NEVER slow down…Love you all. God Bless

  2. Sonjie Says:

    Hey Ya’ll….Just a quick note before I hit the sack…The pictures are so adorable…for some reason everytime I looked at the picture of Finn, I see Heather. I can’t believe how they are really looking like little boys instead of babies. I am so happy for all of you!

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