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The wild and crazy ride of raising our triplets: Rowan, Eli, and Finn!

Happy 9 Month Birthday Tots! March 8, 2009

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Scene of the crime

It’s sounds so trite, but time is just flying by!  It feels like I’ve barely blinked since they were born and now they are 9 months old.  They are all doing great and are learning new tricks at a crazy rate.  A few weeks ago they went on a really big growth spurt; they love to eat their baby food and that has helped alot with weight gain.  They are pretty adventurous eaters and rarely turn anything down; must be a family trait 😉  And as a side note, while some of the pictures below look like they came from a scene of CSI, it is actually the boys enjoying a dinner of beets and yogurt.

Elliott has now learned how to roll from his back onto his belly and he is quite proud of himself; Rowan is right behind him and Finn will probably be a little longer.  They still can’t sit up or crawl, but they manage to scooch around when they really want something. They seem to go better in reverse than forward though 🙂  Their new favorite trick is to play the game “hide from momma” as you can see in the pictures below.  They think they are so funny when they crawl under the couch; I just know I’m going to come in the living room one day and they will all be under there together.

And the other milestone that is coming is teeth; I will be honest and say that 3 teething babies has tested my strength and the boundaries of our liquor cabinet this last week…Finn is in the lead and I expect the first one to pop through in the next day or so; Rowan and Elliott should follow shortly.  I told Ross the other day it was a good thing we didn’t live near a band of gypsies because either I was running away or the boys were.  As we say around here, it’s a darn good thing they’re so cute!

Other than that, life is good; of course Ross is working quite a bit during his intern year but he is doing great.  I’m now back at work part time and it’s a great break and a nice chance to use the other side of my brain.  The boys absolutely love Brooke, their nanny; she is great with them and it really give me comfort to leave them with her.  I hope things are good with everybody and would love to hear from y’all. 

Much love, R


4 Responses to “Happy 9 Month Birthday Tots!”

  1. Mary Parker Says:

    I have been waiting for their birthday. Just knew these new pictures would be posted. They are really getting adventurous. Can’t wait to see them. Hopefully next week. Love all of you. Mammaw

  2. Sonjie Says:

    I’ve said it before….ya’ll are all so amazing…..And I love your updates and the pictures…I don’t know how you have sense enough to do this. To look back and see what ya’ll have accomplished in a relatively short amount of time is really remarkable. God is sooooo good. What wonderful blessings you have. Enjoy and try not to lose your mind in the process! just kidding (kind of).

  3. Ms. Debbie Says:

    Love it! They are so beautiful! I can’t wait to see them.

  4. Ms Denise Says:

    The pictures and entries are great. You are amazing. They are so cute peeking put from under the couch. i can’t stand it. Hang in there mom. There will be plenty of time for joining the gypsies later. I am over welmed.

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